Dear patients

     2017 is gone and it was a great year for us because we finished our research study on fat drived cellular therapy for the treatment of arthritis.That study enrolled its first patient in 2012 and the study lasted until December 2017.  About 3 out of 4 patients reported 75% relief of their pain and disability.

     The reason we used fat drived cellular therapy was that fat has about five times as many cells as bone marrow.  Now our colleagues have developed a new technique that allows us to get as many cells from bone marrow as we did with fat.  It is also less painful and there is no sore "belly" for a week later.  We have already started this new procedure beginning in December and it so for seems to be working.

     We have learned recently of a new supplement that seems to decrease pain, stiffness, may help mobilize cells, and in general improve your ability to get around and do more.  It cost about a dollar a day and can be purchased on Amazon although we will soon carry it in the office.  It will take the place of the Bio-Collagen.  We are beginning to think all our patients should take it, but I am tring it first.

     At a recent meeting I learned about a new way to diet with a lot of research behind it.  It is supposed to get rid of belly fat, increase muscle mass, mobilize cells, and decrease inflammation.  Francene and I are trying ti now and we will keep you posted of it works.

     The new FDA commissioner appointed by President Trump seems to be clariying rules on regulations regarding Cellular Therapy and we have been assured that our latest protocol is in compliance with the government's latest rules and suggestions.  The new Buzz-word will be probably be Cellular Therapy instead of stem cell therapy because these bone marrow concentrates contain more than just stem cells and the FDA is a stickler for accuracy.

     We are quite excited about these new developments and we are always happy to speak with you about them or to answer any questions.  My office number remains 903-592-2999 and my personal cell phone is 903-571-3227.

     Also, I should mention, some questions have arisen about umbilical cord injections being administered as stem cells.  Numerous experts have assured me that there are no stem cells in these that are alive but there are some growth factors.  I expect the FDA to crack down on thse false adverisers soon.  Feel free to pass this newsletter on to your friends and we appreciate your referrals.


David K Fletcher MD

Francene Bell RN