Who is this man? 

He is Ricky Barnes who operates 
 "Farm Boy Electric" Out of Draw, Texas (near Lubbock). Rickey has volunteered to tell his cellular therapy story.

 "My name is Ricky Barnes.  Iam Sixty Years old.  After working as an electrician for 28 years, I could take my pulse in my left knee.  I could hardly sit in church, drive a pickup, or sleep.  It hurt every heart beat.  The doctor in Lubbock said it was ruined and he wanted to chop it out and put in a fake one.  I did not want to give up my life sytle so my wife contacted Dr. Fletcher.  The cellular therapy procedure saved my life.  Three days after the cellular therapy I had no pain.  It has been over a year and I can climb a 20' ladder, crawl in attics, get down in ditches and slice cable.  It didn't give me a 20 year old knee. I am not going to run a marathon or pick up the couch but I can do almost anything I want pain free.  It was the best medical experience I've ever had.  One of the most fun things that I do is ride a 4 wheeler and chase the wild hogs and this procedure has allowed me to be able to continue doing this pain free.  

Thank You Dr. Fletcher and Francene!"

Note: This is an investigational procedure.  It is not covered by insurance and not everyone is a candidate.  The onset of improvement varies with each individual patient.  However, we already have cowboys and cowgirls in Texas, Oklahoma, New mexico, Colorado, and Montana who are improving.

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Who is this Man?

He is Dr. Max Dow (an aggie Vet.  Region 3 director for Texas Animal Health Commission in Ft. Worth.  His home is in Lindale, Texas.  His story is below.

Bull Riding, Cow Kicking, and Cellular Therapy

Long before I became a Veterinarian, I suffered a severe dislocation of my right shoulder at 19 years of age, after getting way-laid into a turn-back fence at a jack pot bull riding.  It did not heal well and was never the same.  At 39, I had an operation to relieve some tendon pinching and caused by losseness in the shoulder joint.  Years later, after repeated kicks to my left thigh by a dairy cows, my left hip began to give me real problems too.  My shoulder was wearing out and every doctor I saw recommended immediate shoulder replacement.  I had heard of Dr. Fletcher's work, and actually called him from the parking lot of the other docor's office who again had just recommended shoulder replacement.  Nine months after cellular therapy of my shoulder, I can swing a hammer, dig post holes, and handle a chain saw, clear brush and work with my arms above my head without much pain.  I sleep without the throbbing discomfort. Dr. Fletcher had expected a 75% improvement with Cellular Therapy - I have at least that.  Now I rarely need Tylenol or Naproxen- except rare occasions.  It is not 100% like new, but I can deal with that.  My shoulder and hip have improved more than I would have ever expected.

At 60 years of age, I doubt that I will be getting on any more bulls.  Cellular therapy may not work on everyone, but before you take the leap of joint replacement, give Dr. Fletcher a call.  He is among the last of the truly gifted, traditionally trained, and experienced "real" doctors left in the world today.  I have not received any form of compensation for this endorsement.  

Thank You Dr. Fletcher, for leading the way in our community with this amazing therapy!!

Max Dow,


Note: This is an investigational procedure.  It is not covered by insurance and not everyone is a candidate.  The onset of improvement varies with each individual patient.  However, we already have cowboys and cowgirls in Texas, Oklahoma, New mexico, Colorado, and Montana who are improving.

Call Dr. Fletcher or Francene at 903-592-2999 to discus this new innovative treament for your joints.  Call Now!!

Who are these Gents? 

 The little one is Doc Fletcher "Cellular Therapy" expert in Tyler, Texas and the big one is Bill Scarborough from Santa Anna, Texas.

Bill Grew up on a farm near Robstown, Texas and always wanted to be a cowboy and a rancher.  He bulldogged and roped but he only wighed 130 pounds back then.  When he was 13 years old a horse kicked him in the left hip.  That same year he kicked a Boar Hog in the head and broke his right bunion joint and he has had arthritis in both places ever since.  Subsequently he developed a bod right shoulder and his right hip started to hurt too.  His ranching activities were getting pretty limited.  

A year ago in May 2016, Dr. Fletcher did Celllular Therapy on Mr. Scarborough's right shoulder in 3 places, both hip joints, and his bunion joint.

Recently he reported his right hip improved 100%,  left hip improved 85%, right shoulder improved 90% and his right bunion improved 85%.  Bill reports he is gradually getting better and better.  So much so, that he started a new ranching project. 

This is the 7Th year that "Doc" Fletcher has been treating arthritis with Cellular Therapy.  Three out of four of his patients report an average of 75% relief of their pain and disability.  Doc is a specialist in the treatment of arthritis and trained at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Emory in Atlanta and UAB in Birmingham.  He is certified also as an expert in Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine.

He wants you to know that he uses only your cells.  They have not been obtained from some foreign woman.  They have only been out of your body for a few hours and the tests done at Doc's office indicate that 98% are alive and kicking when he injects them into your joints.  If you want to speak with Doc about Cellular Therapy for your arthritic condition, his number is 903-592-2999. Give him or Francene a call to get more details

I am a 48 y/o, renal (kidney) specialist in Tyler. I first consulted with Dr. Fletcher at the East Texas Institute for Executive Health in October, 2009. I was overweight. I weighed about 260# with a 46 waist size. I was beginning to lose energy and could tell I was beginning to lose my edge. My chemical analysis revealed low/normal thyroid function, a low 25 hydroxy Vitamin D level of 13, a total testosterone that was quite low for my age, 188; it should be somewhere around 900. My free testosterone was only 13 and it is preferred to be up between 200 and 250. My growth hormone was also low at 91. It should be around 180 to 200; so it was about half of normal. My homocystine was elevated (That can cause increased heart and vascular problems.) and my morning insulin was 19, indicating too many carbs for supper and at night. If your morning insulin is up then your growth hormone will not be released at night and you cannot repair damage that is done to your body during the day as growth hormone is a repair hormone. Six months later, by March, 2010, my weight had decreased from 260 down to 199 and was still going down. My Vitamin D had risen from 13 up to 41.5 and we want it up between 50 and 100 and it is getting there. My total cholesterol had dropped to 168 without medication, which is quite good. My triglycerides which were 354 had dropped to 87 and were no longer dangerously elevated. My testosterone was up from 188 to 708 and my growth hormone which started at 91 was now 178. My morning insulin had dropped from 19 down to 3.8, indicating that my pre-diabetic condition was under control. We continue to adjust my bio-identical hormones and my thyroid supplements. I feel great. My wife thinks I am wonderful. My waist had come from 46′ down to 32′. It has been a real pleasure to work with Dr. Fletcher and, incidentally, he practices what he preaches.

Dr. Robert Dobrowolski, Tyler, Texas

My husband and I are both in Dr. Fletcher's program. I was overweight despite a full exercise program and a very busy life. Except for a low Vitamin D level I was in good shape chemically. With Dr. Fletcher’s help I have, so far, lost 43 lbs. I started with the HCG diet but once I got off the carbs and learned what to eat and portion size, I have been able to continue to lose weight on my own. I have 17 lbs. to go and I am very happy with my progress.

Carol Dobrowolski

People who have not seen me in awhile do not recognize me. I have more energy and stamina than I’ve had in years. I weigh what I did as a junior in college and I wear the same size clothes. The biggest thrill is when I put those size 32 Wranglers on and need a belt. I even have hips. My wife says it is like dancing with a new person. I am an emotional guy and I really get emotional when I thank David for my life's ‘do over’. This is modern medicine at its best. Not just treating symptoms but really fix the cause. I cannot thank David enough.

Dr. Chris Freeman, Tyler, TX

How many times have you ever said to yourself, “If I could go back to high school knowing what I know today? Man, would I do it differently." Sadly, we do not get a ‘do over’. Anti-aging medicine may provide the best ‘do over’ of all. It is a chance to have that young body and mind retaining the wisdom of age. I have fought the weight battle for forty years. I have been on a constant diet and have never been able to really lose and keep it off. That changed last year when Dr. David Fletcher introduced me to ‘anti-aging medicine’ at the East Texas Institute for Executive Health. It promises to balance your hormones, get that weight off, get your blood work normal, get your heart healthy, exercise that is fast, efficient, and effective. If anyone else had told me that I would have just excused myself and left the room thinking I was in the presence of a fool. I was 67 years old and 256.5 lbs. I had elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated fasting insulin levels-all the markers of metabolic syndrome. I wanted a ‘do over’ with my body and my health. I have eleven grandchildren that I wanted to watch grow up and a wife that loves to dance. I wanted just one shot-that is all-just giving me one shot and I will do it. David’s diet was ingenious. The weight just fell off and there was no hunger…no hunger!! My weight stabilized and with the loss came normal blood work and normal blood pressure. David provided me with the knowledge of not just what to eat to keep the weight off but proper cooking techniques to eliminate AGE’s (advanced glycations end products). That is what makes us look old. Dr. Fletcher provided proper supplements that stabilize and maintain healthy cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, lower fasting insulin levels and good energy and stamina. I was also given exercises that are easy and efficient. We balanced my hormone levels and fixed the ‘not sleeping well’ problem.

Here are the results:
Starting weight 256.5 lbs. — current weight 189 lbs
Coat size 52 long — today 46 long
Jean size 44 — today 32
Shirt size XXXL — today L
Even my feet got smaller!